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''..Uganda is one of the countries known to have most emergencies and accidents on the whole African continent, its reported that at least 20 people die daily and many are not reported. Many people could be saved if there was a standby community emergency rescue team(s) equipped to rescue instantly, but the community members who always respond are ignorant and others end up robbing instead of saving lives, hence many die due to mishandling and lack of ongoing care to the hospital, sometime unreachable due to bad roads condition during rainstorms.. '' 

It was the middle of August 19, when I met Daniel on an online platform called ''Workaway''. He is part of a local organization based and operating in Uganda, called SERO: Save-Life, Emergency, Rescue, Organization. It's group of local people that, after receiving a free training from an American fire fighter department, some year ago, decided not to lose this knowledge and to keep on studying, in order to teach people, living in rural villages, about how to deal with all sort of emergency in a context where the nearest hospital is several hours distant, due to lack of transport, bad roads and weather condition, sometime unreachable in reasonable time. Unfortunately it's almost impossible for them to afford new training and they have very limited access to manuals and a frequent lack of internet connection. Therefore what I decided to do was to take Wilderness First Responder course from an American company called NOLS, (National Outdoor Leadership School) and bring this people some new knowledge with modern, up to date, techniques. I decided to use my connection with friends, clients and relatives, to collect almost โ‚ฌ1400, which I have used to buy many first aid kits, medicine, and a brand new modern CPR manikin with an electronic feedback device (named MR Jimmy).

XL Baggage

Best Welcome of Ever


Teaching and donating meds and kits...

Please keep in mind that since I created this page from my phone, I could not set those photos in the real order.

Here we start!! Training both SERO members and folks from the villages. First step: full patient assessment...This is just the beginning! 

The training continues with some more real scenarios... 

Spine injured patient lift technique + FSA 

From Fsa to an improvised cervical collar until Shocks...the training continues! 

Ribs - chest - lungs injuries - allergic reaction sings/symptoms + treatments, and many many more topics!

Burns - bleeding control and tourniquet 

Dislocations, sprains, impaled objects, SAM splint and sling and swathe techniques! Check this out! 

Airways obstructions - water rescue (lifeguarding techniques) - recovery position and some more practical training

CPR - It's now time for Mr jimmy! Finally  

Dividing meds and preparing to give out the first set of kits๐ŸŽ 

Such an explosive happines!๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿ˜ Training people and also giving them the tools to deal with the emergencies! Giving out the first set of material. On SERO organization behalf and community members, THANKS to all the donators and supporters of this project๐ŸŽ Now is time to move forward to the next area! 

Getting ready for the FINAL session! Preparing kits and dividing meds! 

Big Success!๐ŸŽŠ Many more people joined the training this time! They will now be teaching to other people and so on! Here is the last giving out! Over 40 KITS were donated to them in central Uganda, so they have now got the knowledge and the tools to deal with emergencies! Good luck my dear friends!

This is the material donated to SERO: books, filed guides, CPR manikin, modern splinting, first aid material and much more, so they can now continue on training people with the right tools. 

Here is the end of the project...PLEASE CHECK SERO REPORT where they THANKS all dontors and supporters.
Save-life Emergency Rescue Organization. (Those guys are just heroes!) This is a group of local people from the Ugandan villages and towns. After receiving a free training form the USA Chicago fire department in 2014, they decided not to loose this knowledge and keep on studying and teaching other people through seminaries and meeting placed in villages, where people have the biggest luck of first aid knowledge. They need folks from overseas to bring them the modern news and techniques. They are also planning to settle an emergency line for those who need help and act as ambulance staff throughout all the country, but they obviously need many vehicle, material and properly trained staff. "Those guys here are just real heroes", training to make the difference in a place where problems are difficult to solve, due to very bad roads, ignorance and luck of help.
Together we can make the difference!!!

Home sweet home! Just receive this pictures from the SERO members, the TRAINING CONTINUES!๐Ÿš€ students become teachers...this is the biggest satisfaction! 

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